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SMART Recovery welcomes people addressing any addictive behavior. Our meetings last ninety minutes and operate in a workshop-like atmosphere. A volunteer facilitator leads each session and encourages discussion. You may choose to participate, or just sit back and listen.

At each meeting, you will have an opportunity to learn and practice skills you can then use on your own. The meetings are free and confidential, but we pass the hat to meet our expenses.

All meetings start with a brief check-in. The remaining portion of the meeting takes one of the following formats:

Standard Meetings combine discussion with exercises to address a variety of recovery issues.

Point Meetings focus on one of the four basic points of SMART Recovery. These meetings are a great way to learn theprinciples of SMART Recovery.

SMART Discussion Meetings focus on recovery-related topics collected from the participants. Meetings are hosted by a frequent attendee who helps guide the discussion; group members may offer to lead exercises in some instances.

Handbook Meetings use readings and exercises from the SMART Recovery Handbook (available at meetings or at  prepared by the meeting facilitator.

For NYC meeting information, visit, or call 212-631-1198.

"When applied persistently and with effort, this program can help you successfully recover, taking back your life from harmful addictions." - Henry Steinberger PH.D